Are you only for athletes?

Not at all. Our coaches all have a background in sports, have trained athletes, and even coach sports but we are for everyone that wants to embrace the Athlete Lifestyle we discuss here. If you play a sport, are overweight trying to get back into shape, want to get stronger, put on some muscle mass, or are an office worker who just wants to be able to be in better shape to play with your kids - we ARE for you.

Which coach is best for me?

Once you contact us, you can choose which coach you want to talk with. If you don't choose any, we will have a conversation and match you up with a coach that is the best fit for you. We want you to have a great training relationship with your coach and that includes you both "fitting" each other.

What about after I am a client?

We use FitBot to deliver your workouts to you. That is updated weekly so we can check your results from last week before we deliver another week to you. That program asks you to report your weights, times, and feedback which we will expect you to do. We communicate through that program back to you and also outside of it via email and text. We work diligently to ensure this remote coaching relationship is as close to in person 1v1 training as it gets. You are making an investment in us, and yourself. Our goal is to ensure you are investing wisely.

What about form checks and videos?

FitBot has the option when you are filling in your workout results to upload videos. Please upload your videos using it and we will be able to access them via browser to check on your form. We will provide feedback in a reply to you in the program. FitBot also has an exercise database with videos so every exercise listed has a how to video accompanying it. We also include our own unique exercises, with videos, for you. You do NOT have to search YouTube for a thing.

How much are your services?

Use the contact form to email us for pricing. We don't advertise pricing as we are a premium training service. We offer superb customer service and our client response time is second to none. Let's chat about your options when you contact us.