Chris Bartl – Elite Athlete Development Co-Founder, former Powerlifter, owner of Strength Inc in Santa Barbara, CA

Chris is the Owner and Founder of Strength Incorporated; a Santa Barbara based training facility specializing in the development of middle and high school athletes and a large portion of his client base is every day people who want to improve their own physical fitness and strength.

With close to 10-years of in the trenches experience, Chris has helped dozens of high school athletes achieve their goal of signing athletic scholarships to play sports at the next level, as well as worked with over 100 collegiate baseball players from some of the most notable programs in the country, including University of Texas, Rice, USC, Mississippi State, Arkansas, University of San Diego and Ohio State University.

Chris also serves as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Santa Barbara Foresters, where he has been a part of three National Championships in the past five years.  Chris is not only a coach but also an athlete, as he has completed 4 Olympic distance triathlons and competed on the worlds biggest powerlifting stage, The Arnold Sports Festival, where he set personal records with an 805 pound squat, a 625 pound bench press and a 700 pound deadlift.

Chris is available to talk with you about training strategies to help you reach your goals.

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