Why “Athlete?” Do I NEED to be a real athlete?

One of the first things people say to us when we tell them our name is, “oh, I don’t compete in anything, so I’m not sure this is going to work”.

In all honesty, that’s a fair thing to say.

Despite the fact that we have the term “athlete” in our name, we did so with reason and purpose.  Everything we do as a company is because there is a method to the madness and there it is always with reason and with purpose.

So why “athlete”?

While I could dispose all the reason why we decided to use that term, here are the the main reasons why chose to use the term “athlete” in our name.


If you think high end athletes just show up and play a game, you are gravely mistaken.  What you don’t see on television is the countless hours spent honing in on their mental game.  Going through every play with meticulous detail, every aspect of their day is thought through and done for a specific reason.  That is why the field of sports psychology is such a growing industry, with reports saying that that field alone will grow upwards of 15% by 2022.

Still don’t understand?  Let’s focus on two scenarios, same sport, same position, two different outcomes.

Who remembers the Buffalo Bills of the early 90’s?  You know, the ones that made the Super Bowl three straight years and lost all three times when their kicker missed the field goals?

Or how about the name Adam Vinateri, that name ring a bell?  He is the former kicker for the New England Patriots who won two Super Bowls with game winning, last second field goals.

The difference between the two can be summed up in one word: mindset.  One kicker had the mindset that he was the best, he knew before he even kicked the ball, that he was going to split the uprights and win the game.  One the other hand, you have a kicker who suffered from self-doubt, questioned his ability and self-worth.

That is the difference in mindset. 

Do you ever question yourself?  Do you ever doubt your own abilities to do certain activities?


This is why we have our own resident Performance Psychology Coach, Julie Slowiak.  She is here to help clients change their mindset and work on habits to get over whatever hurdles may be holding them back, so they can take control of the little things.

Training Intensity

You want to see intensity, check this out:

That is intensity.  See professional athletes do one thing better than general population: they train at a level that scares people.  They have the ability to compartmentalize pain and suffering while training and push themselves beyond what normal people think is possible.  That is why we have athletes that weight 250 pounds and can run 4.4 40-yard dashes.

Sure, you can see people who claim to train with intensity but most of the time they are also training with no real purpose.  Ever see an Instagram video where some lifter puts too much weight on the bar and crumbles like a deck of cards? That is no purpose training, we don’t want that.

We want a focused goal, reasonable goals, and for you to have the confidence to train with an intensity to reach those goals.

We want you to feel like you can attack your workout with intensity, trust us enough to keep your workout from injuring you, while understand there will be moments you will be tested to see what you are capable of.

That is how you declare victory over yourself, you find out what you are capable of and you set a standard.

We use custom built programs designed specifically for each individual to have them reach their goals in the safest and fastest manner possible.  That does not mean that our programs aren’t intense.

Some common themes from our clients sound like this “I’m dominating this damn workout!”, while others say this “I’m getting killed!” or “that did not look like much on paper but that was the hardest workout I’ve ever had programmed”.

Do not confuse intensity with simplicity.  Most times, the most-simple of tasks can be the most intense.

I could easily go on for another 27 pages on why we choose to use an athletic model for our training and for our name, but that’s not our style.  We chose simplicity or complexity.  We choose intensity over pacification.  We choose to work on our mental approach proactively instead of reactively.

We are Elite Athlete Development.


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