Our Story

Chris and Jay were teammates, and friends, on a Powerlifting team until circumstances arose where their friendship was cemented in stone for good.

In 2017 Jay had the idea of starting an online team with Chris, and you are seeing the culmination of an idea.

This venture is built from friendship, from two men who have a passion for training, and we want to bring the best training service to you.

We combine our knowledge, experience, and surround it all with a team that is second to none as coaches.

We bring you Elite Athlete Development.

Our Approach

Integrated training, nutrition, and mindset strategies.

Effective and client-focused communication.

Tools to cultivate sustainable results and ongoing success.

Elite Athlete Development uses a team approach to support a culture in which individuals can reach their physical best while staying true to their values and learning to trust themselves when they step out of their comfort zone.

Elite Athlete Development is a place where everyone belongs. Together we create a customized training, nutrition, and mindset package to help you reach your sport or lifestyle goal.

The choice is YOURS to do anything from optimizing sport performance, taking the family hiking for a long weekend, or even to look and feel your absolute best for an adventurous getaway on a tropical beach.

Your goals are your goals and we want to help you achieve those.

The Elite Athlete Mindset is one of creating a plan to reach your goals through:

Habit formation
Skill building
Sustainable and lasting processes

Meet the Team at Elite Athlete Development


Jay Ashman

Co Founder - ex Superleague Rugby Player and Strongman

He has worked with players from the Long Island Ducks, pitchers from St. Anthony's (LI), football players from the state champion Kirtland HS (OH) team, and wrestlers from Mentor, Kirtland, and Painesville. He has worked with professional athletes from women's pro football to baseball minor league players. He consults with rugby players nationwide for men's teams on their training plans... read more about Jay...

ChrisBartl1 1

Chris Bartl

Co Founder - Former Competitive Powerlifter

Chris is the Owner and Founder of Strength Incorporated; a Santa Barbara based training facility specializing in the development of middle and high school athletes.  With close to 10-years of in the trenches experience, Chris has helped dozens of high school athletes achieve their goal of signing athletic scholarships to play sports at the next level, as well as worked with over 100 collegiate baseball players from some of the most notable programs in the country... read more about Chris...


Sarah Conomacos

Nutritionist - Powerlifter, NPC Bikini Competitor

Sarah is a 26 year old mother of one, personal trainer that currently resides in Honolulu Hawaii. She received her initial personal training and fitness nutrition certifications in 2014 through ISSA. She went on to also receive a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2015, and also received her CISSN and CrossFit level 1 training certificate that same year... read more about Sarah...


Ryan Burgess

Strength Coach - Wrestling Coach and Football Coach

Coach Ryan Burgess, CSCS, is a physical preparation coach who specializes in working with football athletes. A former collegiate football player himself, Coach Burgess was a walk on at Colorado State University and from there transitioned to one of the best strength and developmental coaches on the West Coast. As Director of Football Programming and Development at the world renowned Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA... read more about Ryan...

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